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Awakening Retreats 

What is Awakening?

Awakening is a 3-day retreat based loosely on the Cursillo and Search programs for College-age women and men. The Awakening program is a retreat that is hosted for college students by college students with retreats being held at college campuses across the Nation.

The retreat is open to all college age (18-25) students of any denomination and is centered on the Catholic Teachings. Through the Holy Spirit, we are responding to our Lord's commandment "go to all peoples and make them my disciples" and also our duty to, "Known God, love God, and Serve God". Awakening helps to teach us the true meaning of community and family through building relationships throughout the weekend and learning to appreciate them as we find Christ in ourselves and others.

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Awakening XI

Dates: TBD 

Location: TBD

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